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Delivering your Favorite Food, Essential Medicines, Day to Day Groceries and every other Services you need.

In this Gloomy time when a Global Pandemic is on a rampage, we believe in minimizing your daily hassle.

Just place your ORDER and we will be right there knocking on your door!

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As Simple as it can get. Place an ORDER on WhatsApp/Messenger.

Cash on Delivery payments over Online Transactions to reduce fright of Data Theft.

Just mention your 1. Name 2. Contact Number 3. Address (with PIN Code) 4. Your ORDER 5. Your Preferred Store/Outlet 6. Expected Time of Delivery while placing your ORDER.


Who are We?

We are a couple of I.T. Job Dropouts from Kolkata, willing to ease the hassles of your life by creating an Easy-for-Everyone Online, Messenger based, Delivery Platform for all your needs.

At Quideli, we want to solve the biggest problem around us, everyone’s guessing? COVID-19 Pandemic. With several requests from the Government as well the Doctors’ Community, maintaining Social Distancing norms is much of a problem in an over-populated country like Ours’.

Quideli gives you the solution for that and urges you to stay home while we do your outside tasks. We aim to serve as many deliveries as possible, all while ourselves maintaining Zero-Contact Drop-offs.


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