Here’s the list of frequently asked questions and answers we’ve faced since the very beginning. These apart, in case you happen to have any other query kindly Mail or Call us.


Q1: How does this work?

A1: We deliver for our customers from anywhere our customers would like. We take your order by WhatsApp, Messenger or phone Calls, redirected from the internet and place it with the Store/Outlet/Business. We dispatch a Logistic Associate to pick up the order, pack it with every possible safety, sanitation norms and deliver it directly to you. We are not affiliated with any of the businesses, unless otherwise stated.

Q2: How can I place my order?

A2: You can place your order online at www.quideli.in or directly on our Business WhatsApp Account at +91 62908-14353 and even on Our Messenger Address @Quideli

Q3: Do you have a delivery fee?

A3: Yes, we do have a delivery fee as that is our only source of revenue. Our delivery fee varies depending either on the distance between the desired Store/Outlet/Business and your delivery address or 10% of the total order value above a billing of INR 250; which ever is less! As we have no bars on the minimum order amount, so the least delivery charge below a billing amount of INR 250 is INR 15.

Q4: Are the prices different than at the Store/Outlet/Business?

A4: We do have a service fee of 7.5% for every order but for the product itself, you pay exactly the same amount you would buy it for from the Store/Outlet/Business.

Q5: How long does it take for a delivery?

A5: Our normal delivery time is between 45 minutes and 1 hour, however certain situations such as traffic, weather, and Store/Outlet/Business packaging time require extra minutes. Please know that we are always working hard to get your order delivered as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Placing orders in advance is appreciated.

Q6: How can I put special requests on my online order?

A6: At Quideli, we do not cripple you with specific sets of items. You have the freedom to customise every individual order. However, when you have a special request, kindli add it to your order while placing it on WhatsApp. Note: Gift wraps and allied special services may cost more a few extra bucks and will be added to your total when necessary.

Q7: Does the Logistic personnel check my order?

A7: Your order relies on the Store/Outlet/Business staff to prepare or pack your order accurately. For your health safety assurance, meal couriers are not allowed to be opened. However Groceries, medicines and other products may be checked for verification purposes. Please take a moment to check your order before your meal courier leaves.

Q8: Who do I call if there is a mistake with my order?

A8: Please call QUIDELI at +91 62908 14353 within thirty minutes of delivery (even if it is after the office hours) if there is anything missing or incorrect. We will get incorrect items replaced; missing items delivered or arrange for a credit towards your next order. Thank you for reporting your concerns to us so we can continue improving our service.

Q9: What happens if I am missing items from my order when it is delivered?

A9: Call us within one hour of delivery, so we may contact the Store/Outlet/Business about the shortage. Any credits on meal orders will be based upon the restaurant’s , whereas we take full responsibility for other products if missing and shall compensate for the same. In case the missing product is above the value of INR 500, it’s upon the Logistic Associate to Deliver it within an hour. Whereas for value below INR 500 would be credited on your next order.

Q10: What is your Refund Policy?

A10: The customer is financially responsible for payment once an order is submitted. If you want to change your order, we will attempt to accommodate such wishes within the time constraints. However, if a change is too late to process, you are responsible for payment of the original order. Changes to orders must be phoned to the staff at +91 62903 14353. Our e-mail is not checked often enough to ensure that we get your changes.

Q11: About online credit card usage?

A11: Our main motto is to serve to the consumers at large. Majority of our population is still not convinced about using Online Transaction methods till date. So to keep it as simple as possible, we only accept CASH ON DELIVERY as of now. However, Online transactions might to incorporated in the later stages of our venture.

Q12: About bike-ride and pickup-drop charges?

A12: The ultimate charge is calculated upon the distance traveled by the end-user or item. The minimum charge being INR 15 for distance under 1KM and INR 10/KM beyond the minimum distance. For example is you travel a distance of 800 meters, the charge would be INR 15. Whereas, if you travel a distance of 2.5 KMs, the charge would be {(1*15)+(1.5*10)} = 30.

Thank you!